The education and training programme


- Sewing courses: taken by seamstress Khava Muchadinova, who has worked with Berkat since 2003 (Iman).

Sewing classes for women and girls from poor families irrespective of age. The course invariably lasted six months, with 15 students registered for one course. Twenty seamstresses emerged from the sewing course in 2007.

The course takes place twice a week, on Mondays and Saturdays. However, the girls also often use the chance to sew at the workshop during the week.


PCkurs.jpg- Computer courses: taken by Marjam Ozdemirova twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays, for beginners. There have been three courses since the beginning of 2007 for young people from the most socially disadvantaged families.

One course lasts 3 months. One group consists of 10 pupils, a total of forty passing the course this year. State officials have also shown an interest in the courses. Graduates of the course will also receive an apprenticeship certificate from next year onwards.


- First aid courses: These courses are taken by young Russian doctor Lena Elžurkajeva, who works at the Centre as general practitioner and teacher. Classes are once a week, on Saturdays, and are attended by 11-12 young women. The main subjects taught are first aid at home under domestic conditions and the rules of healthy eating. Two six-month courses ran during 2007, with 20 young women completing the course.


- Sunday dance school for children from socially disadvantaged families (the Maršo school). A continuation of work with the Maršo group - older and younger. Complementing the Maršo group. Lessons currently once a week for the older and younger group, with plans for classes three times a week.


- A Czech course for young people from the Marsho dance group as taken by Vachid Gojtemirov, a student who spent a year and a half studying in Prague at the invitation of Berkat. This was an experiment that was a part success, the aim being to teach the basics of Czech language to young people that went to the Czech Republic twice on tour, offer them the ability to communicate with their Czech contemporaries and in the future work as assistants for any potential visits by Czech groups to Chechnya. This course was paid for through individual sponsorship donations.


- New courses:

  • - English course - opened in February 2008.
  • - Home cooking course - also opened in February 2008. This course is mainly intended for young girls from the families involved in Friendly Help (Přátelská pomoc) and the Marsho dance group, the teachers including older women from the most socially disadvantaged groups and abandoned old people that have been coming to the Centre for afternoon tea for three years now and who make use of the social and medical services at the Centre.


We are also preparing to open the Eva Practical Family Institute.