Call for Help to Chechen children, women and families!
(April 2011)

kurz Rozy.jpgThis is an appeal for support of our community educational program for young women of Chechnya.

For more then ten years we have been building and cultivating mutual relationships within the chechen-czech community on the grass roots level. At the beginning there was a spontaneous solidarity movement between Czechs and Chechens, victims of war and since then we have learned a lot. from each other We have managed to build the educational, social and community program for women, orphans, elderly people and others who were most damaged by the recent violent decade in Chechnya.

A few years ago, Czech donors helped two women in Grozny establish their own organization called Semya. Since then, much has happened: we have suceeded to create and implement in Chechen society a unique model of compassionate (grass-roots) action that contains elements for long-term change -- social enterprise, charity, peace-reconciliation, education, social work, and community development.

We value most the fact that the work of our partners and collegues in Grozny is absolutely transparent in the sense that they are doing exactly what they have set out to do for their community as most useful way of aid to their people; and what we together consider the best investment in their future. Until now, they were not forced to fulfill an outsiders‘ idea of what is worth support and what is not, but to define the parameters of their action themselves and their work, for this reason, has managed to keep their own, original identity. Through the process we have only negotiated the tools which they use for doing it.

Our technical, professional and human role in this relationship has been to show them those tools of civic society that have taken root in the Czech Republic during the past 21 years. We feel that our task for now is to do all, what we can to enable them to continue with their work -- as it is established, designed and practiced. In our opinion, the value of a transparent relationship is the best investment for keeping in touch with the reality of life. (This we strive for in order to prevent our work from deformation by ideologies, politics, faiths, or the intercultural market)

Please get in touch with our community if you would like to learn more about current conditions and life of our colleagues in Grozny. And we would also appeal to you for financial support for the community educational program, which is now seriously endangered due to the lack of money this year. You will find its history in the attached report.

We look forward to speaking with you!

On behalf of Czech team of the Czech-Chechen association


Jana Hradilkova