Helping old people:



We focus this service which is for people (lonely Russians, Armenians, Kazakhs, Georgians, as well as Chechens) who lived through most of both wars in Grozny where they survived in the cellars and ruins of houses without help from relatives and entirely dependent on humanitarian aid, in the Semja Community Centre. Since January 2006 they can come here every Saturday for a listening ear, laughter and jokes from Roza, Chava and Fatima, tea, a slice of cake, a place where they can unload their troubles. Help for these people is coordinated by Roza Muzajeva and the doctor Lena. Both of them monitor the subsistence and health problems that they tell us about and together we try to help them as much as we can. They are generally very tired people who have become used to waiting for help. The only progress that they have been able to make is that they have become used to waiting together and now they can meet regularly and talk.

For this group a universal fund is set up on our "Chechen" account with the variable symbol 111, from which from time to time we take money to provide a small amount of help to these people by buying winter clothes, medicines, vitamins, etc.