Our colleagues in Grozny
(The Semya Organisation)

We introduce you our closest co-operators, who work in the Chechen capital - Grozny within the framework of the local Semja (Family) organisation. This non-governmental organization was established by women in Grozny in 2005 thanks to the investment of the Chechen civil association Berkat. Semja is focused on the help to the socially weakest, incomplete families, children and old people who have until now lived in ruins of blitzed houses


Fatima Padam Batalova – Head of the Semya fund, her profession is a teacher and a school headmistress. She is a former co-operator of the Člověk v tísni (People in Need) organisation as a field worker in refugee camps in Ingushetia. She lost her brothers in the last war. She has a daughter and two sons, one of whom is ill and needs special care. Fatima is the first woman in Grozny, who started driving the car on her own. At the control stations she shows a brilliant ability of eloquence.

roza.jpgRoza Muzajeva – Our "senior" friend and colleague - Petra Procházková got to know her in 2000, when she was looking for women in Grozny who would be willing to provide her with an interview into the book on women in Chechnya. Since that time we have been cooperating with her incessantly. Rosa works especially in field with the most harmed families and old people. Rosa is a charismatic, and in general, revered woman. Her former profession is an operator. She has got three children with her husband Zaindi and six grandchildren. Rosa has been living in Grozny since she was six years old. During the last war, their little house was blitzed. They repair it gradually. We have recently provided the family with a cow, Roza calls her Majka and Majka gave birth to a calf  .. which means lots of milk, cheese and joy for the whole family.

Chava.jpgChava Muchadinova – We have helped Chava to establish the "Salon Chava" shop in Grozny. It is a combination of a tailor atelier and an independent tailor workshop. We have been cooperating with her since 2003. Since that time she has educated a lot of women in dressmaking. These women work as independent dressmakers nowadays. Some of them come back from time to time, even though money or customers are not available at the moment. They come back only in order to be together. Chava has husband and three children. They lost their flat during the war and that is why they live in a borrowed one.


lena.jpgLena Elzhurkajeva – A young physician, Russian, who got to know her husband, a native of Grozny, at the studies of medicine in Siberia. They got married and moved to Grozny one year after the second war outbreak. Lena works for the local health centre and comes to our "club" in order to train young girls to acquire knowledge of various medical skills. She serves as a physician to old people who go to Semya. She keeps an eye on the healthstate of the families from the "Friend-to Friend Aid" programme.