In-the-field and outpatient social-medical service:

The social and humanitarian service of the Centre was coordinated in 2007 by Berkat's oldest co-worker Roza Muzajeva.

The field work carried out by Semja took place regularly on Wednesday or at any other time during the week if required.roza.jpg In addition to monitoring the current social situation of families, important PR is ensured for the activities of the Centre via personal contacts. Everyone knows everyone in Grozny and so the effective and systematic assistance offered by Semja fast became well known. This programme draws on the "Přátelská pomoc Berkatu" programme (Berkat Friendly Help) and from time to time allows Roza to deal with acute medical or social assistance for a specific family and thus integrate the members of this family into the Semja programme. Doctor Lena also offers an outpatient advice clinic at the Centre.


"Tea for the old" has become one of the fixtures at the Centre. Old and mostly lonely people, mainly of Russian and other nationalities, have become accustomed to coming here to be among their own, whilst the workers at the sewing workshop sometimes repair their clothes or sew them a coat.


Outpatient medical service: Old people have also become used to the advice clinic run by Doctor Lena, who examines them and advises them, provides them with medicine (if such medicine is available), arranges examinations for them in special medical facilities and so on. We include more complicated cases of medical care in the Friendly Help programme, as part of which we organise individual collection campaigns (SOS Zalina, SOS Madlen, Convalescent holiday for children by the sea).


Convalescent trips for children: The Semja team organised two convalescent holidays for sick and undernourished children from poor families (one in July and the other in September) thanks to a special collection taken by Berkat. The accompanying Semja workers paid their own way to the Caspian Sea and the visit to the sea was an unforgettable life experience for the children and adults involved.


Accommodation: The Semja team helped its clients deal with compensation and repairs to housing and apartments in the year 2007. An important role here was played by the well-earned renown of the Semja organisation, whose media presence is mainly taken care of by director of Fond Semja Fatima Batalova, who arranged for a number of reports to be broadcast on local television about the Friendly Help offered by Czech families to Chechen families. As in cases of medical and material assistance, we also organise fund-raising collections for assistance with accommodation (the Tantayev, Shovlakhov and Kurmagomadov families, for example).