SOS campaigns - Friendly Help for Families



Another form of Friendly Help are the irregular collections for specific help for individual families. These are incomplete families usually with small children where often one of the parents or even both of them have died.


Roza often visits these families, she monitors their situation and where she can she provides help. She already knows these families very well so from time to time she will arrange with them a larger one-off investment into something that would be useful to them over a long period of time. Baby clothes, a roof, a sewing machine, hens, school aids...Where it is possible she also takes photographs for us and our "family donors".


Examples of recent successful collections:


  • The Shovlakhov family - taking care of three girls growing up with a sick father in somebody else's house

    Release of donations to Shovlakhov family:

    October 2007 – 7,500 RUB (sewing machine for Makka)

    December 2007 – 10,000 RUB (winter coats for girls)

    January 2008 – 1000 RUB (payment for a taxi driver taking girls to cooking courses in Semya)

    February 2008 - 3000 RUB (food)

    The rest of the collection has been preserved for the purchase of a house (main sponsors – Eva Majerova, Jiri Zavadil, Pavel Liska and others)

  • The Kurmagomadov family - help with repairing their house

    Release of donations to Kurmagomadov family

    April 2008 – 35,000 RUB (medicaments and building material)

  • Marsho Dance School - running Vakha Temirkhanov's dance school


  • Curative stay for children by the sea - a trip by Podvalshchik children to the Caspian Sea

    Release of donations for the project Convalescent trips for children:

    July 2007 – 130,000 RUB

    August 2007 – 85,000 RUB


  • Help for Zalina - hospital treatment for a pregnant young mother at risk
  • Khava's Salon - support for a dressmaker's shop in Grozny

  • Madlen - the costs of treatment in a sanatorium for 7-year-old Madlen

    Release of donations to Madlen Agaeva:

    April 2008 – 100,000 RUBr th rehabilitation cure at the Moscow hospital rehabilitation centre

    Main sponsor : Pavel Liska,Barbora Baniel-Kubinova and others




  • "A roof for Jakhita" (the costs for repairing a house for an almost blind mother of six children)

  • Cows and hens - support for family livestock farming


It is important for us to make Chechen families and individuals more energetic while at the same time maintaining the initial model of friendly mutual relations and participation in solving important existential problems. Part of the help we provide is trying to bring people out of isolation and persuading them to find company in the Semya Centre.