Self-employment and workshops:


Salon Khava

chava.jpgIt was at the beginning of 2007 that Salon Khava (Atelje), an independent sewing workshop that offers dressmaking-to-order, officially opened its doors. In addition to the head of courses and founder Khava, the workshop also employs another 4 women, the most able graduates of her courses. The workshop is used on Saturdays and Sundays and on all other days of the week. Coordinator of the Centre Fatima Batalova and head of the workshop Chava keep an eye on the opportunities for local sales and the demand for special orders of utility items and particular models for the workshops. Examples of models of tailor-made dressmaking can also be found in the Czech Republic, where they are sold at fund-raising "Berkat Bazarets" through fashion shows.


The agricultural-breeding programme

One cow has already been bought for a family (we are looking for a suitable family for another cow), with several families receiving hens. The family with the cow (now two) provides surplus dairy products to needy families from the Friendly Help for families programme. The idea was also hatched to set up a small bistro at the Family Centre called "Home Cooking", where any surplus from this programme could be used. Other families are being monitored and we intend to buy other animals for such families during 2008.


The "Home Cooking" bistro

This builds on the "Tea for the old" programmes and this year's new cooking course, with the use of the products from the agricultural-breeding programme. We also intend to open a small shop in spring 2008 for home cooking products (curd cheese, butter, rolls, bread, cakes, cheese, sausages, marmalade, compotes and so on), which will partly fund itself. Some products will also be distributed amongst those families most in need.